CHOOCHOO-ca-CHEW aka Tiffany Alexandria is a Taiwanese born artist, currently living in Rochester MN specializes in Food Photography, murals, and watercolor.

YES, I do artsy stuff

I’ve always been passionate about art. I spent a lot of time in class doodling when I was supposed to be studying for tests. If you grew up in Taiwan, you know how rebellious that was. 😉 After high school, my rebellious journey continued. Instead of becoming a diplomat, I fought my way to major in Fashion Design at Shih Chien University in Taipei.

I helped with creating window display designs for Nike and visual merchandising, window display design, and beyond for Quiksilver, Roxy, and DC after I graduated.

Now I live in Rochester MN, creating and freelancing as an artist for fun.

Recent projects include: food photography, murals, watercolor art, turning landmarks into monster stickers, postcards, and graphic designs.


Inspired by my travels (currently, Rochester MN) and my Taiwanese heritage, these stickers are my fun twists to some local landmarks and Asian things I miss. You can buy them on Etsy.


This goose needed a makeover! It used to be a baseball goose, now it’s a colorful, goose looking goose. Visit it at Knotty Woodpecker


Migration, travel, wander. Rochester is a place for all, and these monarch butterflies symbolizes that. Bright and cheerful, the Wanderer is intended to draw the attention of all who wander, encouraging them to stop and have a conversation. Slow down to observe and learn about the vibrant community surrounding the piece.

17 Broadway Avenue North
Rochester, MN 55901


The Night Market itself is a much bigger project, an event I created to support BIPOC businesses and to share a part of my Taiwanese culture with the residents and visitors of Rochester. The event series attracted over 20,000 attendees in both 2021 and 2022.

This mural is created as a backdrop for the event and a photo wall for visitors. Hand painted with lanterns sewed on.

If I’m being completely honest and transparent, this mural was hand painted because The Night Market is a non-profit project and I couldn’t afford to have backdrops printed, so I borrowed a wood frame from Threshold Arts and stapled drop cloth on it to create a canvas to paint. Worked out great!

When In Rochester

This series of lightbox located by the train tracks next to Hilton Hotel downtown Rochester MN is inspired by all the things I’ve learned about Rochester since I moved here. Featuring the iconic Corn Tower, Plummer Building, Peace Fountain, a Boy with Dolphin, and wild things- deer, monarch butterflies, sunfish, and Canada geese.

The Golden floral mural

You’ll find this fauna inspired mural at former Fiddlehead Coffee Co.’s Kahler location, downtown Rochester MN. This floor to ceiling mural took about a week to complete due to the intricate details. Photos doesn’t do it justice.

The Little things

From postcards to watercolor paintings, just having some fun creating.


Inspired by the metal window frame patterns in Taiwan, this series of pattern design is an ode to my heritage and the everyday scene I took for granted.

Little Miss- Food Edition

Remember that little miss trend on social media? No? That’s ok! These illustrations pretty much explains themselves. 😉

These are all versions of me, obviously.

I’m passionate about small businesses and learning more about YOU.

I’d love to hear more about what you had in mind! Let’s get in touch.

For partnership opportunities, please reach out directly to [email protected] or send me a DM on Instagram