Farmers Market- Cheng-gong Market | 台北成功市場


Traditional market, getting the freshest groceries! 好逛市場,新鮮便宜蔬菜這裡買~

One of my favorite things to do when I get some free time is to go to the markets.

As a kid my mom would always drag me to various markets so early in the morning I could barely even open my eyes.

We’d go “treasure hunting” looking for interesting ingredients for our meals and new things to experiment with.

There are vendors coming from everywhere in markets in Taiwan, especially street markets. Some of them get veggies from bigger farmers and some of the veggies they sell comes straight from their own garden. You never know what you might find at these markets and that’s what makes it so fun about going to one. Plus, since they get the veggies straight from the distributor/garden and start selling them right away they are always fresher than supermarket goods!

Cheng-gong market is a day-time market located in DaAn area of Taipei, it’s one of those in-door markets but it’s still fairly traditional. (Taipei government’s been trying to move street markets into buildings.)

It’s got everything you can possibly need- veggie, fruit, seafood, meat, nuts, clothes, and food stands! I’ll get to all of them eventually in later blog posts I hope, there’s so much to share!

If it’s veggie you’re looking for, I really recommend this stand located in the middle row of the market (totally forgot to take a look at the stand number). Don’t worry, it’s super easy to find! Look for the veggie stand with the most people and that’s the one.


I always thought that it was ridiculous for there are 30 more veggie stands in the market but this one is always the only one packed with people– till I thought I get some veggie there.

They not only have some of the freshest and tastiest veggie out there but also a very reasonable price. The vendors are genuine and hard-working.

I remember when I used to shop with my mom, the vendors would always throw in a few “goodies” when we bought stuff, most of the time it’s things they think would go well with what we bought- spring onions, basil, ginger…etc. Vendors seems to have stopped doing that for whatever reason, but not here!

I was very surprised the first time I bought veggie here, they just thrown in a big bunch of spring onions and apologized for not having much else to give me!


Here is a photo of my recent purchase. Spring onions, ginger, cilantro were “gifts”, and everything else cost 100NT(a little more than 3USD). I’m totally spoiled with all the cheap and fresh veggies I can get in Taiwan.

If you ever find yourself wandering around DaAn area of Taipei, whether you’re looking to buy anything or not, I recommend you to check this market out.

  • Cheng-gong Market Address:

No. 192, Si-wei Rd.,

DaAn Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan

  • Opening Hours:

6:00~13:00 (they would be cleaning up by then, but they’ll still let you buy stuff)

-Tiffany Alexandria




台北市大安區 有許許多多傳統市場,雖然叫傳統市場,可是有別於以前在街上人來人往的流動攤販,現在的市場都被屋頂蓋了起來,裡面一格一格的固定攤販,一個蘿蔔一個坑,似乎少了點流動攤販式的互動。




這家賣菜菜的攤位在市場中間的走道(我忘記看菜攤編號了!),不用擔心,它很好找– 看人最多的那家青菜攤就是了!


青菜的價位比周遭的都便宜,而且很新鮮! 老闆又很阿莎力,不管你買多少,蔥阿,香菜,辣椒,薑… 一把一把的塞進袋子裡送給你。上次買了菠菜、空心菜、地瓜、番茄、洋蔥一堆加起來100元,旁邊的調味料全部都是老闆給的(上圖),還一直跟我說 “不好意思,沒有什麼好送你的”,我才不好意思吧!

如果你家住在成功市場附近,拋棄超級市場,早早起床去傳統市場買菜吧~ 上面那些菜如果去超級市場買可不少錢呢~

  • 成功市場地址: 106台灣台北市大安區四維路192號
  • 營業時間: 早市  約6:00~ 13:00

-Tiffany Alexandria

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