Knife Sharpening Service Instructions

Staying sharp is an ongoing process!  Check out our monthly Knife Sharpening Service

Part 1 - Mail in / Drop-off

  1. Wrap your 3 least-sharp knives in many layers of newspaper to prevent them from poking through anything, like the box, or my fingers.  Tape it closed.
  2. Put knives in a box, with a little padding so they don’t bounce around.
  3. Buy a shipping label on USPS.COM or take it to the post office.  Shipping is typically less than $10.  Mail to or drop-off at:

knotty woodpecker


Part 2 - GET SHARP

  • While you wait, tell us they are on the way so we can get ready!

Part 3 - Get Cooking!

  • CAREFULLY unpack your sharp knives.  And BE CAREFUL!  They are SHARP!
  • Save your box and packing for next months sharpening.
  • Get cooking!  Tag us @choochoocachew


  • Sharpening service does not include serrated knives (like bread knives).  In fact, I personally prefer a sharp chef knife for all kitchen tasks, including slicing bread.
  • Sharpening service does not include repair or restoration.  However, with proper use and care, monthly sharpening can eventually restore some damaged edges.
  • Don’t put knives in the dishwasher or kitchen drawer!  This will dull and damage the sharp edge!
  • Be careful, knives are sharp!  Just in case you didn’t know.