Pumpkin Stir-fry with Salted Egg |鹹蛋炒南瓜

It’s sweet, it’s savory, it has a unique flavor but it’s super tasty! Great way to use up those pumpkins that’s everywhere right now. Welcome to fall, Taiwanese style 🙂

To be honest, I still can’t quite tell the difference between squash an d pumpkin, we call them all the same in Taiwan. “南瓜” (Nan2 gua1), southern squash/melon. I love squash, they are easy on the eyes, great decor and so tasty! It’s just one of those fruits that’s fun inside and out. I love anything with multipurpose.

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Salted eggs are duck eggs marinated in salt water or a mixture of clay, salt and rice hulls for about 15 days to make them salty and the yolk releases flavorful oil. It is usually made with duck eggs for duck eggs has bigger fattier yolks, distinct flavor and orange yolk due to the food they eat. Salted egg is almost all about the yolk, it is the yolk that holds the most flavor, egg whites are usually just salty.



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In Asia, you can buy salted eggs raw then steam them when you get home before you do any cooking, but that seems to be hard to find in US. The ones I’ve seen here at Asian markets are usually pre-cooked. A good salted egg should have oil seeping out around the yolk when you cut the egg into half. I was pretty disappointed when I cut the ones I bought here, they weren’t the highest quality salted eggs, but they work.

10 - 20171009.Pumpkin-Stir-fry-with-Salted-Egg-鹹蛋炒南瓜_Resize-7.jpgTo release the flavor of the salted eggs, separate the yolk and the white, and fry the yolk with hot oil till it foams up and turn slightly golden, crush them so it blends well with the oil to help coating evenly on the pumpkin. Anything stir-fried with salted eggs is also called “golden-sand”(金沙) in Taiwan due to the color of the yolk and the slightly sandiness texture it gives to the dish. Taiwanese love naming their dishes with a pretty name, makes it hard to tell what you’re ordering sometimes when you go to restaurants.

Now, squash. Use a variety that’s not too watery, one that’s firm, finely grained and more like a sweet potato. I find that Kabocha or buttercup squash works really well. You can steam them slightly before adding them to the salted egg mixture to help speed up the cooking, but it is not necessary. (And I tend to over steam them then it’s just a mushy mess ha)

10 - 20171009.Pumpkin-Stir-fry-with-Salted-Egg-鹹蛋炒南瓜_Resize-1.jpgThis recipe may seem weird but I loved it so much that I mashed the leftover and added some milk to it and made it into a mac and cheese! Everyone loved it too. It’s definitely non-traditional to make a salted-egg pumpkin mac and cheese.

Pumpkin Stir-fry with Salted Egg

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A sweet and savory pumpkin dish that is full of flavor


10 - 20171009.Pumpkin-Stir-fry-with-Salted-Egg-鹹蛋炒南瓜_Resize-4.jpg

  • 1 Kabocha or Buttercup Squash, Chopped into 2″ pieces
  • 3 Salted Eggs, cooked and separate yolk and white roughly chopped
  • 5 Cloves of Garlic, finely chopped
  • 2 Sprigs of spring onion, diced


  1. Heat up 1 table spoon of oil, add the salted egg yolks to the oil and fry until bubbly, foamy and slightly golden. Use spatula to break up the yolk. About 3 mins on medium high heat
  2. Stir in chopped garlic
  3. Add the squash and evenly coat them with the yolk mixture
  4. Mix in the salted egg whites and cook till the squash is soft and tender about 10 mins
  5. Add the spring onion and mix, cook for another 2 mins
  6. Remove from heat and enjoy!

You can also Buy these Salted Eggs on Amazon if you couldn’t find them at an Asian store. Follow the link HERE:







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