The Wooden Kitchen Subscription


Upgrade your kitchen accessories and utensils to handmade woodcrafts!

These woodcrafts are handmade by Knotty Woodpecker using real woods, natural materials and hand tools only.  Woodcrafts may include charcuterie boards, rolling pins, cooking spoons, and new designs.  We will send you a different handmade kitchen accessory or utensil each month!

You will receive a handmade woodcraft when you sign up, and after each renewal date: the 15th of each month.  Woodcrafts will be prepared for pickup at Threshold Arts or shipped to your home within days after the renewal date.  Select shipping or pickup at checkout.

Tip: contact us if you have a special request.  We can’t make any promises, but your wish may come true!  They make great gifts too!



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