Taiwanese Variety Tea Set 

Taiwanese Variety Tea Set is a collection of the best Taiwanese teas at different fermentation level. Hand-selected by my uncle, a tea maker and master of tea. This set is a great way to learn about the differences in flavor and techniques of tea making.


The tea set includes the following varieties (2 packs each):


Da Yu Ling | 大禹嶺
Taiwanese high mountain tea, lightly fermented resembling green tea. A subtle sweet taste and pleasant aroma.


Gui Fei Oolong | 貴妃烏龍
Taiwanese high mountain Oolong tea, medium fermentation and lightly roasted.


Misty Garden Black | 芸禎高山紅
Taiwanese high mountain black tea, heavily fermented and lightly roasted.


Learn more about tea- how it’s grown and how it’s made HERE


Brewing at Home
Empty a single serving tea package into a small tea pot.
Boil water and allow to cool for a few minutes.
Add 100-150cc of hot water to the tea pot.
Brew 60-90 seconds, or to taste.
Brew up to 5 pots with a single package.

Brewing To Go
This Taiwanese tea goes through a slow, controlled drying process to remove bitter impurities. For tea to-go, pour a tea package into your to-go mug and add hot water. Allow boiling water to rest a few minutes before brewing tea.


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Taiwanese Variety Tea Set 


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