Red Robe (Mala) Chilli Oil Spice Mix

This is Grandpa’s classic Sichuan chilli oil spice mix! Also known as Mala sauce: “Ma” means tingly, and “La” means spicy, an amazing flavor combo!

Mix this entire bag of spice mix with hot oil to create the chilli oil sauce. Try the sauce in small amounts, a few drops will do, and work up to taste. One package will last a long time, unless you get addicted!

Detailed mixing instructions are listed on the package.

Contains 1oz of spice mix, enough for a 4oz jar of sauce. Made with chilli, sichuan peppercorn, white sesame seeds – contains tree seeds –

Check out @choochoocachew for Mala recipes.


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Red Robe (Mala) Chilli Oil Spice Mix

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